Lakeside Doggie Lounge 
Dog Boarding & Care

 Homemade Meal Toppers & Healthy treats.      
Please Bring Your Own Kibble.
Please provide us with your own pet's dry kibble during their stay with us. 
Please put it in a easily portable canister, marked with their name. 
It's important to keep them on what they're accustomed to, to prevent an upset stomach or soft stool. Thank you.

Homemade Meal Toppers
Our homemade doggie meals toppers are made with brown rice, peas, carrots and a high protein source: chicken, chicken liver, beef liver, ground turkey, fresh eggs or fish. We make homemade chicken broth. We don't add any salt, sugar, or seasonings to our homemade meals. No additional charges. This service is included during your pet's stay with us. With your permission, we accompany it with a serving of your animal companions' kibble.

Recommended Read
A couple of years ago, Bailey, was showing signs of slowing down and arthritis pain. I had always bought him quality pet food (or so I thought). Around this time I happen to be watching Oprah and she had Dr. Marty Goldstein, a "integrative medicine" holistic veterinarian on. From then on, I became interested in holistic medicine and nutrition for pets.

Holistic Premium Pet Food
If you forget your pet's dry kibble we feed "Taste of The Wild" found at Natural Pawz, The Health Food Store For Pets. $3 per pet; per day.

Healthy Treats
Our guests play a whole lot and stay very active through out the day. It's important that in between meals they have a high protein snack to get them through the day. We give chicken jerkey, duck jerkey, liver treats, and dog biscuits. We also use delicious treats to reward good behavior and for positive reinforcement. 

If your dog suffers from food allergies or has a restrictive diet, please be sure to tell us. Please don't bring the entire bag of food (unless they're staying for a long period of time). Please put it in a easily portable canister, marked with their name.

Please feel free to ask any questions or bring up any concerns you might have.